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    commented on Contact Us 2018-11-05 22:25:01 -0500
    This article is more hateful and isolating to me than anything I’ve heard from anybody in the Trump administration. Who are you and your so-called moral minyan (which is neither, by the way) to attribute Republican partisan motives to a deluded murderer who among many other grievances did NOT support Trump because the President is a globalist with too many k*kes around him. You all should be deeply ashamed of yourselves. I know that I am deeply ashamed of all of you.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-11-05 18:14:09 -0500
    I thought I was going to help by texting?
    commented on Contact Us 2018-11-02 07:51:28 -0400
    Hello. My name is Abigail Gallen, and I am a sophomore at North Allegheny Intermediate High School. I am the President of the North Allegheny Social Justice Club, and in response to the recent tragedy at Tree of Life, we would like to become involved in aiding our city and the Jewish community. We want to be there for whatever is needed, whether it be vigils, protests, memorials, fundraising, and more. Let me know how I can get my club involved :)
    commented on Contact Us 2018-11-01 11:20:04 -0400
    I was completely shocked by your article until I read you are a Liberal group. You slandered a man without any proof. God hates a liar and lying is what you have done. Trump or his policies no more incited that man to murder than you did. Trump is no more for a white nationalist country than God is. You are inciting hate because of the lies you are spewing. All because of your politicial agenda. God will hold you accountable for your HATE and LIES! Yes, your hate for President Trump comes shineing through. You have taken a terrible event and turned it into an opportunity for you to spew your political beliefs. You have turned the focus of our nations sorrow for the victims and their families to focus on yourselves. Shame on you!😡
    commented on Contact Us 2018-11-01 10:14:56 -0400
    I would like to organize a protest in cleveland this Monday when Trump visits. We want to make banners just like yours. I need help/mentorship. Would someone from your team be willing to talk with me? Thank you.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-31 17:36:39 -0400
    As a Jew, I find it incredible that a man who has embraced pluralism in his business; welcomed a Jew into his family to marry his daughter, who has herself converted to Judaism; and proven himself to be the first REAL friend in the White House to Israel in decades, is not welcome to share his consolation with you. Yet you assuredly would have welcomed Hillary Clinton with open arms, NO friend of Israel; and so with the ex-Muslim president, who was ready to give $150 billion of our money to the country who speaks of Israel and Jews as a “cancer.” Are you all for real? Were you born stupid, or do you work at it? You have spent all your rhetoric so far in denouncing and blaming the president, yet we have heard nothing from you excoriating the killer; how odd! How intellectually dishonest and disrespectful – as well as just plain stupid. “There’s nobody dumber than a dumb Jew,” said a Jew, and he was right, and you prove it. “Never again” is NOW happening – thanks to your ilk who vote for those who are not friends of the Jew nor of Israel. You continue to encourage the foxes to come into the coop; how many more attacks from Islam do you need? Your recent tragedy, sad though it is, is nothing compared to what Islam has already done to us. Thanks to your stupidity, we can expect only more. How arrogant and ignorant and audacious of you to expect the president to denounce other hate groups whom he has already done so (look back at his comments and videos following Charlottesville, etc.) according to your tailored rhetoric. He is NOT your robot. He has more than sufficiently done what you say he has not. Give it a rest, and wake up! And issue an apology to his Jewish son-in-law and Jewish daughter, you shameless bastards!
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-31 17:28:27 -0400
    Writing from Boston, Thank you beyond words for the tremendous job Bend The Arc has done in mounting such a powerful protest against Trump’s forced visit to Pittsburg yesterday. In the midst of Trump’s plague of darkness, your open letter is a shining light of protest and hope, signed now by more than 100,000, including me.

    I think you might be interested in a Get Out The Vote anthem made by a little group of seniors living in a retirement community in Canton, MA. It’s called Blue Wave Rising, and you can see it on YouTube. Please pass it on and post on BTA social media sites. Here’s the link:
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-31 15:36:37 -0400
    Last night, Rachel Maddow showed a clip of the vigil during Trump’s visit. Included was a lovely song/chant for which I am told you passed out copies of the words. Can you supply me with a copy?

    (FYI: I live in Oberlin OH, but grew up in on Denniston Ave in Pittsburgh.)

    Thank you.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-31 14:13:11 -0400
    The headline to your post announcing the Text Banking for the midterms states the event is on Nov. 4. However, the actual text of that announcing states the event will be on Nov. 11. Please make sure you put the correct dates. Don’t want people thinking this event is taking place AFTER the actual midterms!!
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-31 10:21:54 -0400
    Hi, I joined in your demonstration yesterday and want to thank you for organizing such a beautiful event. I was hoping to help during the election on Tuesday by giving rides to the polls for anyone who needs it. Wondering if you are organizing anything like this, or if there’s anyone in your network who has reached out about this?

    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-31 08:30:39 -0400
    I do not know if this is possible but the East-West Divan Orchestra is touring the United States. If ever there was a city that needs the message of this amazing group of talented people it is Pittsburgh. Would love to see it happen
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-31 07:10:09 -0400
    Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design?

    We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee.

    We don’t charge for each task. What kind of work do you need

    on a regular basis? Let me know and I’ll share my portfolio with you.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 23:57:58 -0400
    This is an absolute disgrace to the victims of the tragedy and to Jewish people in general. Shame on you.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 23:20:39 -0400
    Please define Hate speech. Did you renounce Democrat Maxine Waters who called for the assassination of Pres. Trump? Or DeNiro’s “F&@k Trump” at the Tony Awards? THAT is hate speech. POTUS Trump is not making it political, you are. Mr.Trump is not divisive, you are. Yes, words do have consequences, even more so when they reek of disrespect, lies, and hypocrisy. Stop putting words in the President’s mouth and twisting every utterance to fit your alt-left radical agenda.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 23:20:38 -0400
    Please define Hate speech. Did you renounce Democrat Maxine Waters who called for the assassination of Pres. Trump? Or DeNiro’s “F&@k Trump” at the Tony Awards? THAT is hate speech. POTUS Trump is not making it political, you are. Mr.Trump is not divisive, you are. Yes, words do have consequences, even more so when they reek of disrespect, lies, and hypocrisy. Stop putting words in the President’s mouth and twisting every utterance to fit your alt-left radical agenda.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 21:16:59 -0400
    I along with 20 other residents, elderly, and disabled, were displaced from Jewish-owned property in Midtown Atlanta Ga in the interest of “redevelopment”. Address is 770 Myrtle St owned by ZPartners, manager Tamar Stern. I was homeless for 6weeks as a result of this displacement. One of my neighbors passed away indirectly as a result from this displacement. Rent was doubled, parking lot full of Benz’s and luxury cars. Is there not a Bible verse about removing the speck from your own eye before removing that of someone else?
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 21:02:02 -0400
    So President Trump moves US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He has extended family members of the Jewish faith and is a Stong Advocate of a strong Israel. But that is apparently not good enough for you.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 20:52:20 -0400
    Groups like you are causing attacks on Jews. You make people continue to persecute Jews, you Fools !! As a Jew we are not the chosen ones to God ! We are equal to all faiths to the Lord. You progressive Jews are not special, do you get it ?? Dismissing President Trump is stupid ! His family is Jewish and a friend to Jews !! Really what the hell is wrong with you ?? Do you Dumb Jews have a mirror ?
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 19:22:06 -0400
    Instead of mourning for victims all you low life jews do is use the occasion to bash white’s.. Why dont you perveted low lifes promote denouncing jew nationalism & flooding “migrants” into Israel… Of course not, just promote flooding America… Typical jew bolshevik decadence.. Its no wonder you “people” have been expelled from every European country over the history of the world..
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 19:08:52 -0400
    Why don’t you low life jews condemn jew nationalism & the jew bolsheviks & jew communists who murdered over 80 million Christians in jew controlled Russia from 1917 & onward after murdering the Christian Czar, you low life communist scum….
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 16:45:04 -0400
    I"ve lost all respect for you after your comment rejecting Trump’s visit and blaming him for the Pittsburgh Massacre. The left and the Democrats have been leading the growth in anti-Semitism for the past decade, including BDS, the opposition to moving the Israeli capital to Jerusalem and the lack of support for Israel’s existence. In essence, your group is the Sounderkommando contingent for a liberal left that lies about Israel and the Jews. I hope you get the recognition you deserve.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 14:48:36 -0400
    Those of you behind this, do not represent any Jewish person of any type of respected organization, you are a left-wing, racist group, this president has done more for the Jewish people of this world than any human being in history, to allow your political beliefs to get in the way of the one person who’s done more for your race of people is Criminal.

    As a Christian who’s always supported Israel and the Jewish community I condemn your behavior, it is racist, and bigoted, to use a criminal political soapbox to attack the party and the president that’s done more for Jewish people and Israel then anybody in history, you are no better than the piece of garbage that went on this shooting attack, quite frankly you are the yin to his yang.

    People like you are the problem, I will continue to pray for this president, I will continue to pray for the people of Israel, know this, God will judge you for your attack on the man he put into office.

    Thank goodness you only speak for a small minority of racist, bigots, spreading your false narrative.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 14:27:14 -0400
    I’m so sorry for the hateful tragedy. President Trump is welcome in Pittsburgh…he’s the most supportive President of the Jewish community. He has nothing to do with the shooting, as the murderer doesn’t even like him. YOU are pushing hate by releasing your statement. Look in the mirror. No room for Hate from ANYONE. (Including you) All the best to you…
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 13:36:42 -0400
    I just sent the following note to the Tree of Life Synagogue:

    Dear leaders of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh,

    To honor the memory of those killed in the shooting at your synagogue, I implore you not to meet Donald Trump. Rather, you should publicly announce that you cannot meet him because he bears an important part of the blame for fanning the fires of hatred in the US. He vilifies minorities, regularly attacks Muslims, systematically targets well known Jews, and asks people at his rallies to engage in acts of violence. Many people will see your meeting Donald Trump as Jews condoning his behavior. Donald Trump will also use your meeting to his own political advantage. Your meeting him, therefore, can only lead to more hatred and more deaths.

    With sincerest respects to all in the community,

    Richard Skolnik

    Albuquerque, NM
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 12:21:54 -0400
    Your group disgusts me. How dare you protest the President who supports you. Again, disgusting. And I wholeheartedly agree with 2 below my comments
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 11:50:47 -0400
    Your letter to the President is disgraceful and your group is an embarrassment to the Jewish community

    The only President who helped

    Israel you show disrespect to

    Shame on you

    Clearly you support the Jihad

    And not real Jews

    How dare you suggest you represent Jews

    Never again!
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 11:41:28 -0400
    you people are funded by a Kapo followed by your orgnisation filled with Kapos

    it is odd that you fake JEWS are against the most pro Israel pres and loved the most anti Israel pres

    oh I forgot you don’t like r respect Israel either
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 09:50:32 -0400
    THANK YOU ALL for the “denounce white nationalism” letter sent to the liar-in-chief. KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK!
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 09:26:18 -0400
    President Trump has done more to support Isreal and the Jewish State then most other Presidents and far more then the previous two administrations. He is not a advocate of white supremacy, and the division that you refer to is being caused by the “sensationalism” of the media.
    We are a nation of laws set up by our forefathers and

    generations of Congressional amendments which are now being ignored.

    Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, however most all are legal immigrants and it is a slap in the face to those who came here legally, pay taxes , vote and support our laws to open our boarders to anyone who wishes to cross them.

    Your view point is skewed and out of focus! We live by laws and until they are amended by

    Congress they need to be adhered to, to do otherwise is to invite anarchy and revolution!
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-30 09:09:23 -0400
    You are a very hate filled group. I hope and pray that you find inner peace.