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    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-29 04:23:28 -0400
    I do not like your stance you took on not allowing President to pay respects to the shooting victims family. The kind of hate you are spewing is uncalled for. Remember you are supposed to be Christ followers and you damn sure are not acting like it. You need to ask God for forgiveness for your hateful liberal attitudes. I am sorry for the people you lost. Don’t be part of the problem in the division that is happening in America. Christ is coming, you need to be ready!
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-29 03:26:16 -0400
    I am saddened by the tragic loss of life at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

    I agree with your organization’s stand against President Trump’s hate speech.

    Trump’s nationwide television ad that aired two days before the 2016 election pointed out three prominent Americans in the financial world whose only relationship was that they were Jewish, in order to bolster the conspiracy theory that Jews run the world and profit at the expense of everybody else.

    This type of rhetoric plays into the workings of the minds of people who are already unhinged.

    While President Trump certainly did not tell anybody to commit a violent act, his hostility toward Jews and other minority groups in America provides strong validation to unstable people.

    In the upcoming election, I hope hate will be defeated at the ballot box.

    There are plenty of hate-filled people running for office, including a Nazi in Illinois.

    My prayers are with the members of the Tree of Life Synagogue and the Squirrel Hill community.

    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-29 03:11:51 -0400
    I just read your letter to President Trump and I have never been more ashamed of being Jewish in my life! How dare you accuse the President of inciting the tragic act of violence against my fellow Jews in Pittsburg. Jews and Israel have never had a better friend in the White House than Trump. Shame on you! You should have lot to pray about next Yom Kippur.

    Professor Edward Emanu-El,Ph.D

    Dept. of Media, Communications and Journalism

    CSU, Fresno
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-29 02:52:11 -0400
    How dare you attack the POTUS after an attack by such an inhume POS. I am Pittsburgh born German Jew. Shame on all of you.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-29 02:28:22 -0400
    As a Jew, an Independent, and not a particular supporter of President Trump, I am nevertheless disgusted at your blatant use of the Pittsburg massacre as a partisan political tool against the President. It is ludicrous and absurd to state that Trump has incited prejudice against Jews in any shape, manner or form. He has been the strongest supporter of Israel of any President I can remember, surely far stronger than President Obama ever was. His son in law, and one of his chief advisors, is a Jew, his daughter has converted to Judaism and his grandchildren are being raised as Jews. He has already condemned white nationalists on multiple occasions. Nor do you have any right to declare he is not welcome in Pittsburg. You do not even represent the Jewish community, yet alone all the residents of Pittsburg! I only hope Trump understands you represent no one except a relatively small group of “progressive” extreme partisans who are happy to put your hatred of Trump above the welfare of the Jewish community, and the unity of the nation, even at this sad time. There is apparently absolutely no limit to the extremes so- called “progressives” will go in their extraordinary hatred of this president, and their obnoxious self-righteousness!
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    Thank you for your time.


    Todd Genuit
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-29 02:08:43 -0400
    BRAVO! for urging the president to stay away from Pittsburgh. I hope other organizations in Pittsburgh, Jewish and non-Jewish, join you!!!
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    You use a tragedy like this to further your political agenda ? You embarrass yourself by attacking the POTUS, a man with a Jewish daughter,son in law and grandchildren, a POTUS who has helped and supported Israel from his first day in office. Did you support Obama when he left Jewish officials wait while he ate, had them look at the bottom of his shoes in meetings, supported the terrorist Palestinians in their battle to annihilate all Jews ? Of course you did. But, thank GOD, your perverse ideology isn’t shared by most Americans. Most Americans wouldn’t turn this tragedy into a talking point. That you did so says how despicable you really are.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-29 00:56:19 -0400 F_ck this bullsh_t. Pennsylvania take responsibility for actions of those within your own community. The United States President and the Republican Party are not respinsible for every crappy thing that happens in this world or your little piece if it. Get a grip, put on your big boy pants and put the blame for what happened where it belongs, with the nut case that doesn’t value life or your religious freedom. You will get no sympathy or help if you choose to blame the President, rediculous. What a terribly sad pathetic group of people you are to publish such hideous accusations.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-29 00:25:28 -0400
    As I Jewish woman and a family of survivors I find your mission ridiculous. Why don’t you build your own community stronger and stop trying to align yourself with illegals. My grandparents suffered and couldn’t come here unless they were sponsored. You aren’t even Jews. You are pathetic and stand for nothing but nonsense.
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    I want to congratulate your cowardice and political leftist correctness in trying to refuse to accept President Trump to visit Pittsburgh after the tragedy at Tree of Life Synagogue. You never bothered to call out such renowned “philosemites” like Obama, Holder, Maxine Waters and other anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish Democrats. At the same time your silence was deafening after pro-Israeli actions by President Trump, his selection of numerous Jews to his cabinet and his intimate Jewish family bonds.

    In short you are miserable hypocrites, direct descendants of the worst of the spineless Ghetto Jews who continue to kowtow to a political agenda by a party who can count such illustrious anti-Semites like FDR, Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter as presidents of its ilk.

    To be sure, I am an orthodox Jew, veteran of 2 wars in Israel.
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    Such a bunch of arrogant fools, Your communication is rife with evidence of this foolish arrogance. The fact that you can issue this alone speaks volumes. I or any other independent thinking person could provide a list of examples, but why waste my time?
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-28 23:58:46 -0400
    You leaders are wrong about President Trump he is not against immigrants or anyone else he wants people here legally and he offered the dreamers a great deal the democrats wouldn’t even talk about it quit listening to the main street media and see what he is trying to do he moved the embassy he has a Jewish son in law you stop being hate filled and ask God to guide and direct your thoughts your group are wrong about our President
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-28 23:36:46 -0400
    You wretched creatures, pissing on the graves of those that died with your pathetic biased lies and hate of politics while the bodies are still warm. You are the asses ass and will burn in Hell. Go fuck the devils dog you altleft neolib assholes. Fuck you.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-28 22:58:27 -0400
    To whom it may concern:

    In this time of tragedy for the Jewish community of Pittsburgh, and for the Jewish community in the United States, you should be ashamed of the false accusations you are leveling against President Trump. We as Jews need to unite to help each other and to understand that no matter who is president, there will be hateful people in our country who, for whatever the reason, are irrational in their thinking against not only Jews, but against other groups as well. Not only are the opinions you are expressing in this matter equally irrational, but they are selective. I may have missed it, but has Arc of Pittsburgh come out against the horrible rhetoric of the Nation of Islam and its leadership? Probably not. Has Arc of Pittsburgh vehemently protested giving billions of dollars to a maniacal Islamic regime bent on replicating the Holocaust by working to eliminate the State of Israel? Probably not.

    You call yourself “Jewish.” Admit it: you are basically leftists trying to make political hay out of a horrible situation, instead of helping to solve it.

    Shame on you.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-28 22:30:34 -0400
    Thank you, for challenging the President to cease his campaign of intolerance and bigotry, Your clear and moral voice at this painful time is so needed and welcome. Bless you.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-28 22:25:18 -0400
    I am sorry for your prayers are with all of you and your family. My heart break’s that this happen to you all.Sending Love and prayers to everyone.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-28 22:20:21 -0400
    Wondering if you really did write a letter to Pres. Trump which is on Facebook saying he is not welcome in Pittsburg and blaming him for the shooting….
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-28 22:04:41 -0400
    With extreme sadness, I read your letter to President Trump. Know that I have visited your website and see you are a progressive group, it makes more sense. However, I fail to see the connection that you made to the slaughter of Jews over this weekend and President Trump. This is the president who is building an embassy in Jerusalem. the capital of Israel. ( what past presidents for fill that promise? ). He Stands for Christians in the United States, who in turn are some of the strongest supporters of Israel. He prayed at the Wailing Wall. Because he is a nationalist, without globalist views, you have chosen to disparage him in front of the entire nation. I believe in nationalism, and I’m white. I support Israel. What does that make me? As a Christian, should I withdraw my support from the Jewish people because I believe differently than you? That’s something to think about before rushing to pen a letter vilifying the president of the United States. Although I’m very sorry for the loss of life and your community, I find it a struggle to reconcile my support of people who are so easy to pass judgment on others. Take care.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-28 21:41:52 -0400
    Thank you for standing up for humanity, and openly condemning Trump. We, as a Nation, need more people who realize standing up to a bully is the only way to defeat one.
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    commented on Contact Us 2018-10-28 10:21:47 -0400
    Hello, I have initiated a silent protest in response to if/when Trump comes to speak. I wanted to give a response that doesn’t fit into the hate narrative of the hateful Left. I thought a silent protest with no words could be the most powerful message that we could send.

    I’m writing you to see if I could get some help with your organization to make this happen.

    Thank you,

    Tom Prigg
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    Unfortunately, I have to cancel my attendance this afternoon. Have a bad cold and still contagious.
    commented on Contact Us 2018-07-31 11:18:09 -0400

    My name is Ella McDonald and I’m an organizer at Corporate Accountability, a member-based non-profit that secures protections for people and the planet. In Pittsburgh, we work closely with OnePA and Pittsburgh United to advance water justice.

    I’m reaching out to your organization because your work to make our government accountable to people, not powerful interests aligns with our values. Also, as an organization based in the area, you have a personal stake in ensuring your community’s rights to clean, safe, and affordable water. Because of this, I’d love to talk with you more about having your organization lend your voice to a letter we’re circulating regarding the current drinking water crisis in Pittsburgh.

    As you probably know, Pittsburgh has experienced drinking water lead levels comparable to those in Flint, MI following the privatization of the city’s water system by the corporation Veolia. I think your organization would agree that we can’t let Veolia get away with endangering public health in your community. That’s why we’re calling on Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro to investigate the corporation’s mismanagement of the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority. We hope an investigation can lead to accountability and much needed funding for the city’s water system—ultimately bringing justice to Pittsburgh residents.

    Can we count on Bend the Arc Pittsburgh to sign on to our letter asking Shapiro to investigate? Here is a google form we’ve made so you can easily sign on: The deadline is August 10th. Please reach out to me at 617-695-2525 or [email protected] if you have any questions.

    Once again, we admire your work and we hope to get the opportunity to work with you on this issue!

    In solidarity,