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    Did not receive the zoom info this morning as noted in my rsvp for tonights Zoom regarding Berks
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    copyright 2019 Jeri Marie Hallberg-Harmon

    El Paso, Texas August 4, 2019

    Oh please, don’t keep me on my knees,

    don’t turn and walk away, don’t say you don’t see me.

    My Heart is here

    so hold me dear,

    and think of what will be,

    tomorrow we will see,

    in our hearts in our souls,

    Recuerdanos, recuerdanos ( remember us).

    in our hearts in our Souls,

    together You and Me.


    So please

    don’t keep me on my knees,

    don’t turn and walk away,

    don’t say you don’t see me!

    Our Hearts are always Yours!!

    Our Love Forever Yours!!

    And Know, forever more

    Recuerdanos ( remember us)

    [whisper] We will remember you!!!

    ( te recordaremos, te recordaremos !!!)

    Aqui, ahora, por favor,

    Ustedes estan en el hogar con nosotros y El Dios

    Forever More!!!!!

    In our hearts, in our souls we are bound to take control..

    (Recuerdo Nosotros)

    with your love,

    in our hearts

    Forever You and Me

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    There are too many Jihadists, Sodomites and Illegals in America. I am supporting Trump in 2020 and Pence in 2024!
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    You’re organization is nothing more that another arm of the Democrat party (the party of hate) and does not represent all Jews. “Progressive” is just another term for Socialism which is quietly destroying this country.
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    You are an embarressment to the city ..

    Please go home to mommy.
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    You are an embarressment to the city ..

    Please go home to mommy.
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    Use your time more wisely, folks. If you really want to see a more moral, upright nation, support Israel, God’s chosen people, and respect the authority God had put in place for this season. He is the One Who saw to it that Mr. Trump won the Presidency. It is His choice to set up Nations and leaders, not ours. Sure, we have a vote, but His decision is always best. And I agree… your organization DOES NOT speak for all of Pittsburgh! Mr. Trump is absolutely welcome here on the city I was born and raised in.
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    Why were whites and Jews arrested for protesting in Pittsburgh today? Blacks are not arrested for protesting? Pittsburgh rolls out the red carpet for them to protest!

    I’m not racist! I want to know why? I want to know why some have that right to protest and others don’t? It should be a right for all
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    You fucking ignorant Cunts, nobody cares
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    Do you support BDS?
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    You don’t speak for Pittsburgh. President Trump is welcome!

    You all need to get a new hobby. Trump doesn’t support white nationalism.

    What you should consider is supporting Israel, where real Jews are clearly in danger.
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    we surely don’t need another "progressive " group- does that mean infanticide,hatred of all whites and Christians? I,m sure Pres Trump will be deeply hurt by all your idiotic comments! You are the dividers _will pray you see the Light-Jesus,the Savior of the world
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    Who says the President isn’t welcome here? You are causing the division you say you don’t want
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    I tried signing up for your newsletter but the link doesn’t work…
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    Are you planning to join the Lights for Liberty vigil on July 12th? I’ll be in Pittsburgh and would like to join you.
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    I am interested to know if you know of or are organizing any events to stand as witness to the wrong of the deportation centers. I would be eager to work to create an event
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    Hi – I’m a journalist with Al Jazeera English TV. I wanted to see if I can set up an on camera interview with someone from Bend the Arc for this Sunday, the 28th. My team and I are doing a story on candidates addressing racism and Antisemitism in the 2020 presidential campaign
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    On the antwon rose shooting and verdict, are you aware of Graham v Connor and Tennessee v Garner us supreme Court cases on cops use of force? Google it.

    State laws are similar to SCOTUS cases.

    This is what black lives matter has not told the public

    Harold Hunter Jr

    Black attorney

    704 674 4069
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    Such a beautiful thing from your beautiful hearts to knit those beautiful purple flowers for the Rose 🌹 family. Would like to see if there’s something I can do to help do wonderful things like that.
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    I’m soooo happy to know you exist.

    As an African American I’ve witnessed far too many injustices against people of color. I never understood why some of my caucasian friends would come to me expressing outrage when people of their race were killed unjustly, but never expressed one word or did one thing to show their support for my race especially when police are involved in murdering blacks or when a hate crime is committed against people of color. They seem to have blinders on when those things happen.

    My friend who grew up in a Jewish home is not a racist. She supports diversity, but she fails to see or respond appropriately when people of my race experience social and economic injustices. She’s capable of seeing the wrongs and expresses outrage when crimes are committed against Jewish people or wrongs done to her white friends. When such is done to people of color she is supportive if it’s brought to her attention, but no action seems to follow. She stays in her safe zone. I never understood that. I see that same kind of reponse from many white people and it leaves me with bitter feelings that aren’t healthy. I believe all people no matter your race or cultural background know wrongs when they see them. Some just choose to keep blinders on and only fight for justice when wrongs are committed against people from their own race. They fail to understand all pain hurts no matter who the victim is. Every race must learn to view wrong with color-blind eyes. That’s what will make every race stronger and help humanity as a whole.

    In closing, I thank you for standing for justice for all people. I deeply appreciate your support as it relates to justice for Antywan Rose and his family. He didn’t deserve to die as he did.

    I am a senior citizen raising my 12-year-old granddaughter due to the premature death of her mom. I don’t have a lot of time to give but I will make time to support as many of your efforts as I can. I look forward to meeting your members at some future event.
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    How can I purchase people roses?
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    Good morning. My name is Delilah Hollander, and I run a JSU at Pittsburgh CAPA. I was wondering if you could arrange for some sort of representative to contact me with some sort of materials to present to them about your organization
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    I signed up and I am doing texting but I was hoping I might actually meet some of the other members at some event.
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    I thought that Sara Stock Mayo’s speech was absolutely great. Randall
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    Good morning. My name is Julian Routh. I’m a reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I’m working on a story about accusations of anti-Semitism in relation to the national leadership of the Women’s March, and I’m honing in on the Pittsburgh affiliate march. I’d like to speak with someone from Bend the Arc about the march for the story, which is expected to run in tomorrow’s newspaper.
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    Dear All

    First of all we want to invite you to the Keti Koti Table (see info below) and secondly we would like to ask you is if you could come up with some suggestions who we could approach to sing some mourning songs at the start of the Keti Koti Table . during the commemoration March after the tragedy in the synagogue we all sang a beautiful mourning song guide by a couple of women. Would you know how I can reach out to them? Any other suggestions are very welcome.

    my phone number is 1(412)553-9959

    Thank you in advance for your responds

    Dear all

    Please join us in a special dialogue-dinner event on December 5th, 6:00-8:30 PM at the William Pitt Union (Kurtzman Room), during which we will engage in personal dialogue in the wake of the tragic shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue here in Pittsburgh. This event and the dialogue will be facilitated by the Dutch Keti Koti Table foundation, which has facilitated hundreds of reconciliation dialogues between diverse groups in the Netherlands, Germany and the US over the last 5 years, and is sponsored by the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Organization Committee for Diversity and Inclusion,the Department of Anthropology and the Centre for Philosophy of Science

    As the Keti Koti Table’s founders, Mercedes Zandwijken (from African-Dutch descent) and Dr. Machiel Keestra (visiting fellow at U Pittsburgh’s Center for Philosophy of Science, from Jewish-Dutch descent), are living in Squirrel Hill since September, they were shocked and moved by the attack and Pittsburgh’s response ‘Love is Stronger than Hate’. Yet they also recognized how the black community noticed that this applaudable demonstration of solidarity has not always been equally displayed after violence against black fellow citizens. This inspired Zandwijken & Keestra to reach out and propose a facilitated dialogue session about ‘Commemorating, Healing and Connecting Segregated Communities’.

    The Keti Koti Table is a newly ‘invented tradition’ which initially focused on commemorating and celebrating the abolition of slavery in the Netherlands and its ongoing impact, yet which has expanded its aims over the years. Inspired by the Jewish Passover Seder table, the African-American Kwanzaa festival and the Dutch Ramadan festival, it combines rituals, mourning and freedom songs performed by a choir and festive meals which together create a safe and intimate context that is beneficial for personal exchanges. For the current occasion, the Keti Koti Table will combine Jewish and African-American elements. Adressing questions that have been prepared for the specific occasion, the Keti Koti Table facilitates a structured dialogue between individual participants in which listening is equally important as speaking.

    We are glad to welcome at this Keti Koti Table a highly diverse group of Pittsburgh citizens, all of whom are in one way or another touched by the terrible event last month. Sharing our experiences and insights with each other, we can together commemorate and reflect upon the event, thus creating connections between different communities. Yet we will do this while not neglecting the overlaps and differences in the impact the event has made. Your contribution to this special evening is appreciated and we look forward to your participation. As seats are limited, we ask you to fill in this RSVP-form asap while indicating your (self-identified) cultural background, since we aim to balance participation of different groups at this special event:

    Yours sincerely,

    Allison Gremba (PhD Candidate, Dept. Anthropology, U Pittsburgh)

    Glenn Harris (PhD Candidate Mathematics, Northern Illinois U)

    Warner Sabio (Graduate Student, History, U Pittsburgh)

    Mercedes Zandwijken (Keti Koti Table foundation –

    Machiel Keestra (Keti Koti Tafel foundation; U Pittsburgh, U of Amsterdam)
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    My name is Rebecca Scarborough, and I am the Campaign Coordinator and Movement Building intern with the Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG). We are a non-profit organization in Washington, D.C. that works with survivors of the ongoing Darfur genocide, providing support and empowerment in order to help them combat violence, address human rights abuses, and collaborate with others to promote peace.

    I am writing on behalf of DWAG’s president, Niemat Ahmadi, to invite your organization to join our Rapid Response Network or become partners with our organization.

    The suffering of the Darfuris has gone on for fifteen years. Unfortunately, due to the lack of media coverage and suppression of media within Sudan, many people may believe that the genocide in Darfur is over. The truth is that over three million people have been displaced and currently live in International Displacement Person (IDP) camps, where they have lived since 2003. Despite being formally charged by the International Criminal Court of the United Nations for genocide and war crimes in 2009, President al-Bashir has not yet been formally arrested and has traveled outside of Sudan with impunity. We want to make sure the truth comes to light. We cannot do this without your support and the ability to mobilize the masses.

    Our Rapid Response Network connects dedicated volunteers across the United States, providing education and advocacy materials to support volunteers in raising awareness of the Darfuri genocide.

    Whenever the Sudanese government partakes in human rights abuses and international law violations, DWAG seeks to mobilize our rapid responders to educate and notify the public in-person and through social media in order to pressure the Sudanese government and other appropriate governments and policymakers to take the necessary action immediately.

    My email address is

    Please contact me if you are interested in speaking further. Thank you for your consideration!


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    How much money does the KAPO Soros give you?