Bend the Arc: Pittsburgh endorses Sara Innamorato for Allegheny County Executive

Bend the Arc: Pittsburgh, a local chapter of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, a national organization that is uniting progressive Jewish voices across the United States to fight for justice for all, is proud to announce it is endorsing Sara Innamorato in the race for Allegheny County Executive.

We believe that Sara Innamorato, who has served our region well as a state representative for more than four years, best reflects the values, vision, and mission of Bend the Arc. And we believe Sara will work hard for all Allegheny county residents, including the hundreds of our neighbors currently being mistreated in the Allegheny County Jail.

Rooted in our Jewish call to action, Bend the Arc organizes American Jews to fight for a just and equitable United States free from white supremacy, where Black liberation is realized, and all people are thriving. Rep. Sara Innamorato has been fighting for these things since before she first ran for office and will continue to strive to build a better county for all of us.

Our members are proud to support candidates who are ready to deliver on the promise of a future America where everyone experiences freedom, safety, and equity, no matter what they look like or where they come from. Over the past seven years, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action has endorsed many candidates at the federal level across the country. Sara is the very first endorsement we have ever made at the local level. We know that candidates who support our vision won’t all look or sound the same. We celebrate candidates who authentically connect with their constituents to fight for this future together on issues such as:

  • Democracy protection and voting rights
  • Reproductive rights
  • LGBTQ rights
  • Religious freedom and the freedom to practice religion without discrimination 
  • Reparations and policing
  • Economic justice
  • Immigration
  • Fighting white nationalism and antisemitism

Bend the Arc: Pittsburgh has been particularly engaged in the fight for reforms at the Allegheny County Jail (ACJ) and it is this issue, among many others, that make this election one of the most important for the region we have ever seen. We have the chance to make real and lasting change at the ACJ and Rep. Sara Innamorato is the right person to lead the county to a more just future.