Postcard Writing for Conor Lamb



We don’t get to choose the historical moment we live in, but we do get to choose how we respond.

We find ourselves at a critical turning point in our nation’s history. The Trump administration's agenda stands in direct opposition to the values we hold as a Jewish community. And this Congress has, on numerous occasions, failed to act in their capacity as a check and balance on Trump's increasingly venal and anti-democratic behavior. We must vote Congress out in November!

In the spring of this year, we held several phone banking and canvassing efforts for Conor Lamb, which helped lead him to victory in a special election for a congressional seat that had been long held by Republicans. Lamb is now running in the general election in the new 17th congressional district, which encompasses areas in both the South Hills and North Hills.

Join us on Thursday, September 13, as we write postcards to our neighbors encouraging them to vote for Conor Lamb on election day. This year we cannot take anything for granted. Democrats must take back control of the House!

NOTE: The event will take place at the house of one of our members; we will email the address of the location to all those who RSVP.

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September 13, 2018 at 7pm
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Squirrel Hill

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